Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seven Reasons Bars Lose Money - # 1 Bartenders


Eba here with my first post.  To make this post special I am posting a wonderful checklist for bar owners. Its a checklist developed by a colleague of mine Gabe Gabrielsen that he included in a series of articles he wrote explaining WHY BARS LOSE MONEY. 

Mr. Gabrielsen by profession works with local governments across the country to increase their economic development opportunities.  Many of his ideas you will agree apply to those of us in the bar and tavern industries.  After you read his checklist post a comment below or contact me directly at  { I included an excerpt from Mr Gabrielsen's article on Bartenders on a separate page to this blog which I think you will find tremendous value.}

   BAR OWNER BARTENDER CHECKLIST                                
     Warning this checklist may significantly increase your bar profits. 

To use the checklist just answer “Yes” or “No” to the nine questions listed below. Some Yeses increase your bar revenues other Yeses severely limit your profits. 
Do your bartenders

Welcome strangers when they walk in the door?

Engage first-time visitors in “lite conversation”?

Spend time “evenly” with all patrons at the bar?

Every YES means more profits

Do you allow -

Bartenders to report for work wearing T-shirts advertising other businesses or places they have been?

Male bartenders to show up for work unshaven and not wearing a belt?

Female bartenders to wear tank tops and plunging V-neck blouses and sweaters that expose excessive cleavage?

Your bartenders to consume alcohol while on duty?

Every YES means you are losing money

Do your bartenders -

Allow customers to frequently drop the “F” word in their conversations?

Engage in controversial discussions such as politics and religion?

Each YES costs you significant profits and leads to the loss of customers

Remember = Profitable bars have great bartenders.

Sincerely - Gabe Gabrielsen

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