Monday, July 22, 2013

Jack Daniels vs. Canadian Club - There is More of a Difference Than Just the Taste.

As a provider of distilled spirits have you ever taken any time to read the labels on the bottles you handle, pour and sell?

You may already know that:

Jack Daniels - (is manufactured in USA)

Canadian Club - (is manufactured in Canada)

Jameson  - (is manufactured in Ireland)

Suntory - (is manufactured in Japan)

No doubt these distilled spirits each have a distinct taste; however, are you aware of their other big difference?

Some distilled spirits are labeled Whiskey while others are label Whisky.  Huh! you say.  And if that's not confusing enough - the plural of Whisky is Whiskies while the plural of Whiskey is Whiskeys: 

There appear to be four basic reasons for the different spelling between Whisky and Whiskey. I generally cite reason # 3, even though it is not 'always correct'.  The reason I use it is because its so simple and it amazes people. 
Here is the reason I often cite:
The vast majority of distilled spirits labeled Whisky are produced in countries that do not have a an E in their name like Japan, Canada and Scotland.
The vast majority of distilled spirits labeled Whiskey are produced in countries that do have an E in their name like the United States and Ireland.
Don't believe me?  Check it out.
Jack Daniels - (American)

Canadian Club - (Canada)

Jameson  - (Ireland)
Suntory - (Japan)

Do you have a better explanation or a different reason for this difference (Whiskey vs Whisky)? Please do us all a big favor and post your reason in the comment section so we can all learn something new. 
Eba G.

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