Thursday, December 26, 2013

The New Minister Is Against Alcohol

The new minister in town was completing a temperance sermon he had written for his new congregation.  He said with great emphasis, 'If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

 With even greater emphasis he said, 'And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.' 

And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, 'And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river 
With his sermon complete, he sat down and the congregation sat silent ... stunned by his words and strong beliefs.

The Church's organist (a part-time bartender at her brothers local tavern) very cautiously stood up and walked slowly over to the organ.  When she sat down she opened her hymnal and announced 'For our closing song, let us all turn to Hymn #365, 'Shall We Gather at the River.' 

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Beautiful Christmas Bar Story

A husband and his wife were Christmas shopping at mall a few days before Christmas and it was packed. As the wife walked through the mall she was surprised to look around and see that her husband was nowhere to be seen.

She was quite upset as they had a lot of shopping to do. Worried where he might be she called him on her cell phone to ask him where he was.

In a calm voice, he said, "Do you remember that quaint little Jewelry Shop we went into about 5 years ago where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we couldn't afford, and I promised you someday I would get it for you?"

The wife choked up and started to cry and said, "Yes, I remember that shop." "Well, I'm in a little bar next door to it having a beer the mall is to crowded for me."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bartenders and Penquins --- Great Trivia

Interesting Animal Trivia I Hope You Can Use 

Yesterday one of our clients was conducting research on Arctic storms and how they effect global weather patterns when he came across some really amazing facts regarding Emperor Penguins.  I thought this was amazing trivia.  I share it with you in the hopes you can share it with your bar customers.  If you enjoyed these nine interesting facts please let me know?

First - Emperor Penguins are the largest of the 17 known species of penguins; they can stand 45 in. tall.

Second - Emperor Penguins can dive deeper than any other bird on earth, as deep 1,850 ft.

Third - Emperor Penguins can stay under water for more than 20 minutes.

Fourth - Emperor Penguins are the only animals to inhabit the open ice of Antarctica during the winter.

Fifth - Because of their aerodynamic bodies and strong flippers, Emperor Penguins can swim at speeds of 7.5 mph.

Sixth - Due to the harsh winds and blizzard conditions in Antarctica, Emperor Penguins frequently huddle together in large groups to keep warm.

Seventh - Less than a third of all juvenile penguins make it to their first birthday. Most are eaten by seabirds, leopard seals and killer whales.

Eighth - Mature Emperor Penguins live 15-20 years.

Ninth - And most amazing, for years scientists have been baffled because no one has ever found a dead Emperor Penguin on the surface of Antarctica. Many are eaten at sea, but what happens to all those who die from diseases, old age and natural causes on land? A Dutch research team solved this mystery in 2009 after collecting videotapes of special rituals.

It appears that whenever an Emperor Penguin dies on land, hundreds of penguins from the rook, including both adults and juveniles, gather around the body to pay their last respects. After several minutes of silence, all the females and children return to the rook and only the adult males stay. Then using their bills and strong flippers, they carve out a large hole in the ice’s surface. When the hole is twice the size of the deceased penguin, two of the oldest penguins will push the dead penguin’s body into the hole. Once in the hole, the entire group of males takes turns kicking ice and snow over the deceased body. When the body is completely covered, all the males sing out in unison, “FREEZE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW - FREEZE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW.” 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coins on a Gravestone. Anyone Ever Heard of This?

We in hospitality hear a lot.  Some fact, some fiction.  Some happy, some sad. Yesterday a friend sent me this post he received on Facebook.  Though I think it is a nice story, I am not convinced it is true.

Have any of you ever heard of this tradition or custom? Maybe it is relevant to only certain parts of the county. Would appreciate if anyone can confirm ever hearing this?

Here is the post seen on Facebook:

I didn't know this, did you? Have you ever been in a cemetery and saw coins laying on a tombstone? There is actually a reason behind it.


While visiting some cemeteries, you may notice that headstones marking certain graves have coins on them, left by previous visitors to the grave.

These coins have distinct meanings when left on the headstones of those who gave their life while serving in America's military, and these meanings vary depending on the denomination of coin.

A coin left on a headstone or at the grave site is meant as a message to the deceased soldier's family that someone else has visited the grave to pay respect. Leaving a penny at the grave means simply that you visited.

A nickel indicates that you and the deceased trained at boot camp together, while a dime means you served with him in some capacity. By leaving a quarter at the grave, you are telling the family that you were with the solider when he was killed.

According to tradition, the money left at graves in national cemeteries and state veterans cemeteries is eventually collected and the funds are put toward maintaining the cemetery or paying burial costs for indigent veterans.

In the U.S., this practice became common during the Vietnam War due to the political divide in the country over the war; leaving a coin was seen as a more practical way to communicate that you had visited the grave than contacting the soldier's family, which could devolve into an uncomfortable argument over politics relating to the war.

Some Vietnam veterans would leave coins as a "down payment" to buy their fallen comrades a beer or play a hand of cards when they would finally be reunited.

The tradition of leaving coins on the headstones of military men and women can be traced as far back as the Roman Empire.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts on Bartenders - Recommend Every Female Bartender Read

We all know bartenders come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages as well as both sexes. Some of the bartenders we encounter are phenomenal while others make us wonder just how they can keep their positions with the establishments where they work because the lousy service they provide or the poor attitude they display. 

At my age I am convinced that other than knowing how to mix a good drinks and properly tend a bar - the overriding factor in a bartender's success is their attitude. A friend sent me this note below which immediately made me think of all the fantastic female bartenders I have met throughout my life. 

So for all you wonderful female bartenders - and I am sure most of you know who you are - who do such a fantastic job each day making customers happy ... this one is dedicated to you

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

How I Wound Up Working In The Bar and Beverage Industry

Like most kids my parents wanted me to go to college after graduating from High School and be something important.  My mother had this dream I should become a Doctor.  She said it was a noble profession where I could help people and become rich.

So one Saturday morning, on a beautiful spring day my father drove me to this big Medical University about 3 hours away from home where they wanted me to enroll.

A member of the college staff greeted us when we arrived, then he escorted me to a large lecture hall where about 300 other high school seniors who wanted to be admitted to the University were already already seated. 

When the Dean of the Medical College walked in the room you could have heard a pin drop  - everyone became quiet.  The Dean told the staff members in the lecture hall to hand out the test booklets to everyone seated in the room.  When  told we were to open the booklet.  When we finally opened the booklet there was a single piece of paper inside that had five letters printed on it:    P N E S I

Our instructions were to rearrange those five letters to spell "the one part of the human body that is really only useful when it is fully erect".

All of the students who spelt the word SPINE were admitted to the University and as far as I know they all went on to become great Doctors. 

The rest of us who came up with a different part of the human body had to choose another career.  Consequently I wound up going into the bar and beverage industry.''

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Best Bar Joke I Have Heard In a Long Time

Several City council members from around the state traveled to the State Capital to attend a special economic summit that was sponsored by the Governor. On their last night in the State Capital six City Council members who attended the summit decided to go out for a night on the town before returning to their homes the following day.

As they walked down the street they saw a fancy nightclub  that had a sign announcing ‘Live Entertainment’. Upon entering the nightclub they saw a ventriloquist on the stage and decided to stay. The club was packed however since the hostess saw their name tags saying they were City Council members she arranged to seat all six at a table near the back of the room.

Within minutes of their arrival the ventriloquist was informed that a group of City Council members had just entered the club.  Immediately the ventriloquist began a routine that involved every joke or humorous story he knew that involved local government and public officials. 

After almost ten minutes of nonstop jokes about government one of City Council members couldn't take it anymore. He stood up from the table, slammed down his drink and shouted as loud as he could “I’ve heard just about enough out of you buddy and your dumb government jokes".

"What makes you think you can stereotype all government officials that way? We work hard for our constituents and we try our best to make the right decisions for the communities we serve. People like you who joke about government and public officials perpetuate the myth that public officials are out of touch with reality, don’t know what they are doing and are dumb. Its comments and jokes like yours that make it impossible for us to gain respect we deserve and discourage other good people from stepping up the plate and running for a local public office.”

The entire room went silent – you could have heard a pin drop. The ventriloquist was now obviously embarrassed by the City Council member's comments.  Slowly he laid his dummy down, stood up and faced the City Council member. He began to offer a sincere, heartfelt apology but the City Council stood back up and cut him off. “Sir, sit back down I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to that little wise cracker sitting on your lap”.  


Monday, July 22, 2013

Jack Daniels vs. Canadian Club - There is More of a Difference Than Just the Taste.

As a provider of distilled spirits have you ever taken any time to read the labels on the bottles you handle, pour and sell?

You may already know that:

Jack Daniels - (is manufactured in USA)

Canadian Club - (is manufactured in Canada)

Jameson  - (is manufactured in Ireland)

Suntory - (is manufactured in Japan)

No doubt these distilled spirits each have a distinct taste; however, are you aware of their other big difference?

Some distilled spirits are labeled Whiskey while others are label Whisky.  Huh! you say.  And if that's not confusing enough - the plural of Whisky is Whiskies while the plural of Whiskey is Whiskeys: 

There appear to be four basic reasons for the different spelling between Whisky and Whiskey. I generally cite reason # 3, even though it is not 'always correct'.  The reason I use it is because its so simple and it amazes people. 
Here is the reason I often cite:
The vast majority of distilled spirits labeled Whisky are produced in countries that do not have a an E in their name like Japan, Canada and Scotland.
The vast majority of distilled spirits labeled Whiskey are produced in countries that do have an E in their name like the United States and Ireland.
Don't believe me?  Check it out.
Jack Daniels - (American)

Canadian Club - (Canada)

Jameson  - (Ireland)
Suntory - (Japan)

Do you have a better explanation or a different reason for this difference (Whiskey vs Whisky)? Please do us all a big favor and post your reason in the comment section so we can all learn something new. 
Eba G.

The Difference Between Knowlege vs. Wisdom - Something Every Professional in the Hospitality Industry Should Understand

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is actually a fruit

Wisdom in knowing you 'seldom' put them in cocktails

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Bartender Trivia - A Wake vs. a Funeral

Once again - I sincerely believe bartenders and members of a bar and wait staff need to possess lots of trivia knowledge to successfully compete in today's world.  To that end I will always try to share "quality trivia" which I hope you can use to impress your customers and garner bigger tips.

For example, some religions around the world observe a period that is referred to as a "Wake".  The wake is a designated period prior to the actual burial of a deceased loved one. 

Do you know why the Wake period is held?

The concept of the "wake" goes back to the middle ages when many individuals who were thought to have died may not have actually been died.  Many of the drinking vessels used in taverns and homes during that period were made out of un-coated pewter - a strong metal that was easy to bend, shape and engrave. 

People back then who drank ale, wine or brandy frequently came down with an illness.  The illness was actually a type of pewter illness was caused by the alcohol eroding the outer layer of the pewter and the people ingest metallic fragments. 

This pewter illness when severe slowed down their heart rate and made people sleepy - very sleepy.  Many times a person who was thought to be dead and eventually buried was actually in a type of deep sleep or what we would call today a coma.

Some times - for whatever legal reason - a casket had to be exhumed and relocated.  Often finger scratches were clearly visible on the inside of the lid of a coffin and it was obvious to everyone who looked at those marks that the person who was buried was not dead at the time of burial.

Consequently, it became a custom in many European countries to place a bell inside the casket.  Then a group of people - mainly relatives and close friends would volunteer to stay in the cemetery for two days after the burial. If at any time they heard a bell ringing they knew the person they buried was not dead and they would open the casket.  The wake comes out of this old custom.

During a modern day wake a deceased person is laid out in an open casket for at least two days so family members,  friends and business colleagues can visit the casket and personally see for themselves that the person is actually dead before they are buried in the ground.

By the way the customer of the wake is also were we get the modern day expression ... "Saved by the Bell". As many people were often saved by ringing the bell left inside the casket.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bartender Knowledge - What is a Pilsner Beer

 Pilsner beers were first brewed in old Bohemia - now known as the Czech Republic in 1842 in an area referred to as "The Pilsen"  - similar to like we in American would refer to as  "New England" or "The Midwest"  or the "Deep South" etc.

Modern pilsner beers are not much different then those first brewed back in the 1800's.  They have a very light, clear color - generally from pale to a golden yellow - but they have a very distinct hop aroma and full flavor.

The alcohol strength of a Pilsner is typically around 4.5%-5% (by volume), if the pilsner is brewed stronger that this about, it is then usually labeled and sold as an "Export".

Friday, July 5, 2013

Definition of a Bartender

Did you ever wonder what the true definition of a Bartender is?

A Bartender = a noun. One who mixes and serves alcoholic beverages from behind a bar or counter stocked with a variety of alcoholic beverages commonly referred to as beers, wines and spirits.  Not to be confused with: a loan officer, marriage counselor, boxing referee, doctor; matchmaker; babysitter or psychiatrist.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Help us with our survey

We are running a survey on our blog regarding Bartenders.  The question we are asking is

"Are you as a Bartender or member of a Bar Staff required to wear a special uniform for work?"

Some Great Trivia Bartenders and Bar Staff might want to know.

With the Fourth of July Holiday tomorrow some of you in the bar and hospitality industries may have to work.

While you are working it might be a good time to ask this question Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Well here is what history tells us.
Five signers were captured by the British as traitors,and tortured before they died.

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.

Eleven were merchants,

Nine were farmers and large plantation owners;

men of means, well educated,

but they signed the Declaration of Independence

knowing full well that the penalty would be death if

they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy.

He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly.

He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown , Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid.

Remember: The Freedom we enjoy wasn't free!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is a Craft Beer?

"Craft Beer" is an American term which is fairly common in both Canada and New Zealand.  It generally refers to any beer that is brewed using traditional methods, however without rice or corn.

Most craft beers have a distinctive flavorful rather than a flavor that has mass appeal.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bar Humor ... So a Guys Walks in a Bar

So a guy walks in a bar and orders a beer. After the bartender pours him a beer, the bartender asks "Would you like something to eat with that?"  "What are my choices asks the customer."  "Yes or No" replies the bartender.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bar Trivia What is a Sommelier

More and more small bars and local taverns are beginning to stock and serve a large assortment of good wines. Some have even gone so far as to start stocking fine collections of various wines.

As the American public changes its beverage consumption  its important that bar and tavern owners as well as  all members of every bar and wait staff become fluent if not familiar with wine industry terms. 

One term that I know that keeps popping up more and more, albeit only in fine restaurants and upscale nightclubs, is a Sommelier. What the heck is a Sommelier?

Sommelier is a French term which describes the function of a person in a bar or restaurant. A Sommelier is a "highly trained" wine steward, someone who has the knowledge of a true wine professional.

It is important to note that a sommelier specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as offering wine and food "pairing recommendations".  The role of a sommelier is much more specialized - and far more knowledgeable - than that of a just a wine waiter.

Hope you found this of interest.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is Your Bar or Tavern Branded?

Most of the articles I write for the bar and tavern industry focus on "business basics."  They are intended to offer small bar and local tavern owners proven strategies to increase their profits. This article (or post) will be slightly different; it is a narrative story that conveys an important concept that every bar and tavern owner as well as bartenders should understand - Branding. 

Corporate America struggles with "branding" - a strategy to let the public know what their business does, what their products are, and what makes their company different, etc. Unfortunately, many small bar and local tavern owners have never heard of branding and few understand the concept.   So here is a real life example that might put "Branding" in perspective for you. 

Last November, a bar owner from Michigan called.   He had gotten my name from a former client.  His name was Frank and he and his wife had purchased a small bar and literally sank their entire life savings into it.   Now they were thinking it was a mistake.   They needed help.   

I asked Frank, "What’s the name of your bar?" 
He replied, "The Tiki Bar". The following week I had to meet with a client in a city about 130 miles away and I suggested I drive over for a visit.   I had Frank promise that both he and his wife would meet with me if I drove over.   

Frank’s bar was hard to find.   It had no exterior sign and was located in the middle of a city block in a nondescript building. A small neon palm tree sign flashed "Tiki Bar" in one of the windows. 

A bartender wearing a flannel shirt and faded blue jeans greeted me and I introduced myself.   He said, "Frank will be back in soon."  I strolled through the bar and nothing other than the flashing sign in the window indicated this was the Tiki Bar.  Frank arrived alone and said his wife would not be joining us.
Huh, I thought.  
My first question for Frank was, "What’s with the name the Tiki Bar?"   He grinned and replied, "Years ago my wife and I visited Florida and had a great time in a little bar called the Tiki Bar.   We decided if we ever bought a bar, we would call it the Tiki Bar."
Huh, I thought.  

I asked Frank, "Did the bar in Florida look like this?"
"No way." he said.   "That bar was on a sandy beach and had a really cool roof made out of palm leaves."
Huh, I thought. 
"How did the bartenders dress?" I asked. 
"Oh, they wore cool Caribbean style flowered shirts, khaki shorts and beach sandals – they looked real sharp," he replied.
Huh, I thought.  

"Frank, do you offer drink specials?" I asked.
Frank pointed to a sign reading "A Bucket of Bud - Five Bottles - $7.00." 
"Did the Florida bar have specials?"
"Yeah, lots of fruity cocktails like Bahama Mamas, Rum Punches, Pinot Coladas and Frozen Daiquiris," he said. 
Huh, I thought.  

"Can I see a menu?" I asked. His menu listed a variety of burgers, pizzas, and lots of deep fried appetizers.  "Is this the kind of food the Florida bar had?" I asked. 
"No way." he said, "It had great jerk chicken strips and lots of delicious fish sandwiches." 
Huh, I thought. 

"Frank does your juke box have Caribbean and steel drum music on it?" I asked.
Huh, I thought.  "How often do you schedule Caribbean parties?"
Huh, I thought.  "Do your bartenders make Caribbean style drinks served in coconut or bamboo style glasses?" I asked.
Frank laughed and said, "No way!"
Huh, I thought.   "So other than that neon sign in the front window, what have you and your wife done to create a real Tiki Bar experience?" I asked. 
A long period of silence, then "Nothing, I guess!" said Frank. 

I stood up, shook Frank’s hand, said adios to the bartender and turned towards the door.   Frank asked, "Where are you going Eba?"
"Out I replied!   Find your wife, then call me on my cell within the next two hours.  The three of us need to talk if you really want to increase your bar’s profits."

I wandered through town and visited some local shops. Two hours passed and Frank never called; I left.   A few months later, I heard the Tiki Bar closed and was now up for sale or lease. 

Question:   Do you now understand branding?   Does it kind of make sense?
If you enjoyed this post please let me know.  If you have any questions or suggestions, also let me know.  Eba G. only wants to share knowledge you can use to increase your profits or maximize your tips.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Important Survey Question For All

We just posted a poll on Linked In regarding Should small bar and local corner tavern owners bring their dogs into their bars?

You opinion is important.  If you want to vote visit Linked In   or post a comment below.

The Poll Question is

Should small bar and local corner tavern owners bring their dogs into their bars?

The choice are

A)  Yes, it is fun seeing a dog in a bar

B)  No

C)  Absolutely not

D)  Not sure

Thanks for your Support

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Resource for Small Bar & Local Neighborhood Tavern Owners

I just came across a website that every small bar and local neighborhood tavern owner should visit.

It is packed with just about everything a bar or tavern owner can use to help them grow their profits.

Please check out this site.  If you need to contact them - tell them Eba G. recommended you contact them.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Seven Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money

It’s hard to believe there are small bar and local tavern owners who don’t seem interested in making big profits.  You can tell that by the way they manage their business. To assist these bar and tavern owners, I thought I would share seven strategies that are guaranteed to help them lose money.  I assure you the ideas below are easy to implement and produce quick results.  The best part is they won’t require a lot of effort on the part of any bar or tavern owner.  So here are Eba G’s seven ideas to consider:   

1)    Look Dirty.   Make sure whoever tends bar wears well worn clothing; better yet the same clothes they wore the day before.  Preferably their clothes should have stains or grease spots.  If soiled clothing is not available, then any clothing with rips or tears will work just as well.  Shabbily dressed bartenders really help bars and taverns lose sales.

2)    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.   Whenever possible, the bar staff should bitch in front of customers.  Any subject is good, but the best topics seem to be spouses, taxes, local law enforcement, religion and any state or federal politician.  Customers who have to listen to a bar staff bitch drink less and reduce their stay in a bar, thus sales go down significantly.  

3)    Over Serve Customers.  It’s hilarious to watch customers get over served.  It’s fun watching someone mumble incoherently and sway back and forth in a bar stool; however, the real thrill is watching someone who is over served head for the restroom or walk out the door as no one knows for sure if they will stumble or fall.  Yeah, once people know a bar over serves its customers, it reassures them the bar staff will over serve them as well and again sales will decrease.  

4)    Tolerate Obnoxious Customers.  Allow small groups (men or women – it makes no difference) to be obnoxious and rude.  Permit them to frequently and loudly drop the F bomb.  It is so charming to hear a group of people in a bar talk about this F-ng thing and that F-ng thing and all the F-ng things wrong in the F‑up world and all the things F-ng up their lives.  Yeap, tolerating rude and obnoxious customers is a great way to run off customers and lose sales.  

5)    Loud Juke Boxes and TVs.  Blaring juke boxes and deafening TV volumes are two favorite ways small bars and local taverns can lose sales.  There’s nothing better than sipping on a drink and watching the few people who wanted the volume cranked up wiggle on the floor or yell out songs off key; it’s almost as exciting as listening to a couple of loud mouths at the end of the bar shout and curse at the TV during a sporting event when the TV is turned all the way up.     

6)    Garbage and Trash.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, but garbage and trash should always be visible if a bar wants to lose money.  Good examples are empty beer bottles on game tops, rubbish and dust in the window sills, and trash building up under the pool table.  Other great techniques are never clean under the bar’s foot rail or dust items on the bar’s shelving.  Customers love seeing filth under the foot rail and dust building on the ceiling fan blades.  To really limit profits, it is important that a bar seldom pick up trash outside.  Customers are always impressed when they see beer cans and trash blowing around in front of a bar or in the parking lot.  Finally, seldom wipe down the bar counter or table tops when customers leave.  New arrivals love the surprise of laying their forearms or hands down on a tacky surface.  It makes them lose their thirst and appetite and want to leave quickly; thus sales go down quickly.   

7)    Repulsive Restrooms.  Only scrub the sinks, wipe down the mirrors, brush out the lavatories and empty the trash receptacles in restrooms once a month.  If a bar attracts characters who like to write or carve graffiti, it is important the walls and stalls only be repainted or repaired every two or three years.  Offensive and disgusting graffiti should be left up for years so others can enjoy it.  Another great idea to accelerate a loss in sales is to have broken paper towel dispensers and out-of-order hand dryers.  Nothing beats entering a foul, graffiti-marred restroom and not being able to dry your hands when you leave.    

Well, there you have it, Eba G.’s Seven Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money with Your Small Bar or Local Tavern©.  If you have been in business for a while, you may have tried a few of these strategies and know how well they work.  Do you have any comments or any other suggestions on how a small bar or local tavern can lose money?  If so, please share them with me.  Just send me an email at

Whether your goal is to increase you profitability or lower your sales with your small bar or local tavern, Eba G. is here to help.

Eba G


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Annoucement from Eba G at Bar Profits

Every Monday - starting Monday, April 29th, we will be posting a new featured article on how small bars and local taverns can increase their sales, revenues and profits.

If you own a bar, tavern, local pub & grill or small family resort you may want to check in or subscribe to our bar and tavern profit making articles.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Does Your Bar "Sizzle" or "Fizz"

To appreciate this article, I need to share some history. Years ago there was a very popular television series based on a father raising three sons. No, it wasn’t My Three Sons; it was the other one, the western, set back in the late 1800’s. It had a powerful name, Bonanza. Ben Cartwright was the father; Adam was the oldest son; the middle son was Hoss; and the youngest boy was Little Joe. Dan Blocker played Hoss. Now you are probably saying, Eba G. what does any of this have to do with my bar or tavern sales? Very little, unless you want to significantly attract more customers and increase sales.

You see, Dan Blocker never enjoyed the Hollywood lifestyle. His dream was to run a business. Hoss was the only star on Bonanza smart enough to realize he could capitalize on his fame and the popularity of Bonanza. Hoss decided to create two restaurant chains, one chartered in America and the other in Canada. The two restaurant chains Hoss founded were Bonanza and Ponderosa - both family-friendly steakhouses with names to which people could relate.

Hoss was brilliant. Before he opened the doors to his restaurants, he hired a consulting firm; a firm that employed Elmer Wheeler. Hoss’ question to Mr. Wheeler was, “Is there anything I can do to ensure success with my steakhouses?” Elmer asked for some time to think about it.

Nearly three weeks passed before Mr. Wheeler came back to Hoss with a phrase that is now immortal. Elmer said, “Dan, if you want to achieve financial success with your steakhouses – don’t sell steaks, sell their sizzle.”

“What?” was Hoss’ knee jerk reaction. “Don’t sell steaks?”

“That’s right.” Wheeler replied. “Don’t focus on raw meat. People can get that anywhere. Instead, focus on the sizzle you offer.” Elmer suggested Hoss highlight the good times families will have at Ponderosa and Bonanza: their steaks arriving cooked exactly the way they want; the access they would have to an all you can eat salad bar and all the free drink refills they want. Sell the sizzle, Hoss.

During the time Dan Blocker owned Ponderosa and Bonanza, commercials never focused on raw meat. Every commercial focused on the sizzle – the beautifully charred lines running across the face of piping hot steak and served on a thick pewter platter; the unbelievable choices of steak toppings on every table, A-1, Heinz 57 and a neatly paper-wrapped bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Hoss made millions. When he sold these two chains, the new owners immediately focused on the meats they offered and sales plummeted. Eventually Ponderosa and Bonanza steakhouse filed for bankruptcy.

So let’s talk about your bar or tavern. Do you sell the sizzle? For example; do you sell beer, cold beer or ice cold beer? Do you serve beer in a glass, a mug or in a stein? Do you offer an assortment of snacks behind the bar, or do you provide delicious, handy treats to help quell an appetite?

Here’s a good one. What sounds better - Fried Chicken, Deep Fried Chicken, or Southern Fried Chicken? If a bar offers a bowl of ground beef simmered in a tomato-based sauce, which is more appealing - Chili, Cowboy Chili, or Montana Style Chili? If a bar sells slices of potatoes dunked in hot oil, which sounds more appetizing - Fries or French Fries? But what if a little paprika was sprinkled on them and then called Bohemian Style Fries? Which would be more desirable and command a premium price?

What do regulars and potential new customers see when they enter your bar or tavern, raw meat or a sizzle? Are you providing a four-walled enclosure that sells beer and booze or are you offering customers a good time, in a fun atmosphere that they can’t stop thinking about?

The two largest breweries in America – Budweiser and Miller - don’t sell a concoction of hops, malt and barley boiled in water. One sells ‘The King of Beers’ and the other ‘The Champagne of Bottle’ - two sizzles. To attract more customers, sell more products and increase your sales. Stop selling beer and booze and start selling “your sizzle” (your uniqueness).

If you have been in business awhile, you know why sizzle counts – sizzle often makes the difference. Have comments or suggestions on how a small bar or local tavern can create its sizzle, please share them. Send Eba G. an email at

Friday, April 12, 2013

Vendors, Suppliers and Purveyors Needed

If you are a vendor, supplier or purveyor of products or services a small bar or tavern owner can use to increase their sales - contact me - as I would like to showcase your products or services on my blog. 

Bar Profits’ is a blog dedicated to assisting bars, taverns, small resorts and family owned supper clubs increase their profits.  It is not intended for major or national bar chains.

Examples of the products or services small bar and local tavern owners need
include - but are not limited to:

Great glassware                   Comfortable bar stools, 

Appliances & equipment      Novelty items,

Promotional items                Souvenirs and Give-a-ways

all items must be suitable for small bars and local taverns.

If you would like to write an article as to what makes a great bar or a good bartender or what good bar food is - let me know and submit a guest post.

If you have had a bad experience in a bar, met a terrible bartender or ate lousy bar food - let me know?  Any articles that can help small bar and local tavern owners learn how to better operate their bars better are desired.

Bar and tavern owners who visit Bar Profits - should have  fun, learn new ideas, see new products and be exposed to different money making services.

There will be no cost to highlight your products or services on Bar Profits; however they must be quality products or services that bar and tavern owners can use and hopefully you'll gain business if the readers like your products.  

If you are interested - check out my blog  or visit my me on LinkedIn at

I look forward to hearing from you.  Send me an email at

Eba G.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Bartenders and Wait Staff Receive Tips

Its common knowledge that most bartenders and wait staff are often paid a stipend hourly wage since it is expected that the bulk of their wages will come from the tips they earn. Since tips are such an integral part of a bartender’s and wait staffer’s income I find it amazing that so many bartenders and wait staff don’t understand the origins and reasons behind tipping. Many hospitality providers think tips are required and certainly expected. This historical article should help you understand the reasons behind tipping and help you increase your tips.

Most scholars and historians alike agree that the concept of providing money for a service or product dates back to the early Roman Empire. Historical records reveal citizens of Rome would typically provide a merchant or vendor a small sum of money prior to ordering any product or service. This  was done to insure their product or service would be promptly delivered. After the service or product was rendered and if it met or exceeded the customers expectations the buyer would provide an additional compensation known as a gratuitatem which we today call a gratuity. 

Therefore a tip was initially provided whereas a gratuity was received after a transaction was complete. Thus the word Tip is not even a word. TIP or TIPS is actually an acronym with stood for To Insure Promptness or To Insure Prompt Service.

For years Americans often gave money (a TIP) prior to a receiving meal or drink just like the Romans.  Upon leaving a bar or restaurant they then left a gratuity to show their appreciation. Maybe you have seen an old movie where a group of people or couple arrives at a crowded restaurant or busy night club. It looks like they will never get in because it is so packed. Then someone reaches into their pocket and pulls out what was appears to be a $10 or $20 - hands it to the host - who instantly finds a table that has just become available with their name on it and the group or couple is promptly escorted in.

This historical concept of tipping in America changed however during the mid 1940’s for a few reasons: First, there was the depression of the 1930’s which left most people with limited money; Second, the GI’s returning home from WWII had traveled the world and saw that most countries did not require a Tip to get good service only a gratuity to say ‘Thank You’ based on the service that was rendered. Finally, the industrialized American business concept was changing; businesses were now beginning to realize the importance of attracting and retaining “regular” customer’s;  consequently prompt customer service when a person walked in the door was becoming the norm and expected business practice.  

Today the sum of money a customer leaves a bartender or member of a wait staff after a service has been provided is generally referred to as a tip though it is technically a “gratuity”.

If you enjoyed this historical account of the custom of tipping and would want to learn seven fantastic ways to substantially increase your tips I will email you complimentary white paper entitled “Please email me your paper entitled: Eba G’s Seven Ways Bartenders and Bar Staffs can increase their tips”? 

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Are The Names Bar and Tavern Owners Choose - Important to Attract Businsess?

Just posted a discussion on Linked In regarding the importance or impact of a small bar or neighborhood tavern's name. Please take a minute to join in this discussion and share your thoughts.

Eba G.

The link to the discussion is

Note: If you are not a member of Linked In then by all means share your thoughts here.

Thanks Again,

Eba G.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beer Drinker Poll

We have just added a poll on our blog which we hope all adults over the age of 21 will share their thoughts.  The poll wants to know how you enjoy your beer.  In a bottle, in a can, from a tap.   

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ridiculous Bar Joke I heard this weekend - It made me smile

A guy is sitting in a bar and three gorgeous, drop dead "full-figure" women walk in and sit at the table next to him.  He can't over help but hear their conversation.

Their charming accent appeared to be Scottish, so trying to be witty, he turned around to their table and asked, "Hello, are you three lassies from Scotland?"

One of them angrily screeched, "It's Wales, Wales you bloody idiot!"

Embarrassed he apologized and replied, "I am so sorry. Are you three whales from Scotland?"

And that's the last thing he remember ... until the paramedics arrived.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bartender Trivia

Soldiers Disease was a term coined back in the Civil War.   It was used to describe soldiers who were addicted to morphine.  When the Civil Ware was over 400,000 men were addicted to morphine.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Beer Joke

A major US company held a managers meeting in San Diego.  Managers from around the country flew in to learn the new corporate goals and be briefed on new policies and procedures that were to take effect. After an exhausting day of training a few managers, on their way back to their hotel, passed a small bar and one manager suggested they stop in for a quick drink.

Upon walking into the bar they were greeted by a bartender who noticed they were still wearing their meeting name tags.  The bartender approached the manager from St Louis and asked “Sir, what may I get you”.  “I’d like a bottle of the King of the Beers” he replied.  Aah, Budweiser, fine choice Sir.  Next the bartender looked to the manager from Milwaukee and said “And you Sir, what can I get you?  “I would like a bottle of the Champaign of Bottled Beer” “Miller and excellent choice” the bartender said. 
Next the bartender looked at the manager from Denver and said, “Sir what would be your pleasure?” “I would like a bottle of the only beer in America brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water”.  Coors, my personal favorite” the bartender said.  Finally the bartender turned to the manager from Boston and said “Sir, what can I get for you?”  Do you have Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew?”  Sir I have them both – which would you prefer”.  “Diet Mountain Dew please” was the reply.
When the Bartender turned to gather the order the other three managers turned in amazement toward their colleague from Boston.  Finally one spoke” You’re from Boston crying out loud, why didn’t’ you order a Sam Adams?” “Well he replied, I figured since none of you were drinking beer I didn’t want to be the only one.”

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bartender Trivia - Prisoners

Bartenders need to know their customers.

One out of every 43 prisoners in America escapes from Prison or a County Jail.  94% are recaptured within 24 hours.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bartender Trivia

Bartenders need to know their customers.

Only one in fourteen women in America is a natural blond and only one in sixteen men is a natural blond.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Ways Guaranteed to Lose Money With Your Bar, Tavern, Pub or Post

Hard to believe but there are bar and tavern owners who disagree with the strategies I share to increase their bar’s profits.  Some think my money making ideas are too simple.  Well just for fun I thought I would share seven strategies I guarantee will help you lose money.  Yes, each idea is simple however I assure you they are all effective and so easy to implement.

1)   Look Dirty.   When you or your staff tend bar look dirty; wear well worn clothing, the same clothes you wore the day before work great.  If possible make sure the clothing has stains or has grease spots.  If you don’t’ have soiled clothing anything with rips or tears will work just as well to help you lose profits.   

2)   Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.   Whenever possible bitch in front of customers.  Any subject is good but the best topics tend to be: spouses, taxes, local law enforcement and any state or federal politician.  Listening to bitching encourages customers to reduce their time in your bar and drive your sales down.

3)   Over Serve Customers.   Watching an individual sway back and forth in a bar stool and mumble incoherently is so amusing and it’s intriguing to watch an over served customer head for the restroom or walk out the door; no one knows if they are going to stumble or fall. Knowing that you “over serve” reassures everyone they can count on you to over serve them and once again your profits will decrease.   

4)   Tolerate Obnoxious Customers.  (My personal favorite).  By all means tolerate obnoxious customers.  Allow small groups (men or women – it doesn’t make a difference) to drop the F bomb and shout “F” once in a while.  It’s charming to hear a discussion about this F-ng thing and that F-ng thing and all the F-ng things wrong in the F-ng world and all the things F-ng up someone’s life.  Yeap, permitting rude and repugnant behaviors will really help you lose profits.

5)   Loud Juke Boxes and TVs.  Blaring juke boxes and deafening TV volumes are a must.  There’s nothing better than to sip on a drink and watch the few people who wanted the volume cranked up wiggle on the bar floor; it’s almost as much fun as listening to a couple of loud mouths yell at a TV screen.  Cranking up the volume really does have an impact on your sales. 

6)   Garbage and Trash.  Try to have garbage and trash visible in your bar.  It doesn’t have to be a lot but it must be noticeable.  Examples are empty beer bottles on games tops, rubbish in the window sills and trash building-up under the pool table.  A real plus is to never wipe down the bar counter or table tops after a customer leaves. New arrivals love the surprise of laying their arms or hands on a sticky surface.  Two other proven profit losing techniques to consider are never:  1) clean under the bar’s foot rail or 2) pick up litter outside.  Customer appreciate the dust balls accumulating under the bar rail and seeing empty beer cans and trash blowing around your parking lot and front entrance.  Garbage is such an easy way to lose revenues.

7)   Repulsive Restrooms.  A true favorite.  Only scrub out the sinks, wipe down the mirrors and clean the lavatories in your restrooms once a month.  Also only re-paint the walls and stalls once every two or three years. To accelerate the loss of profits have broken paper towel dispensers and out-of-order hand dryers in the restrooms.  There really is nothing better that walking into a disgusting, graffiti marked restroom then not being able to dry your hands.  Yeah, losing bar profits can be so easy.   

Well there you have it, Eba G’s Seven (7) Guaranteed Ways To Lose Money With Your Bar or Tavern.  Some of you may have already tried a few of these ideas and know they work well.  Feel free to try the rest.  If you liked them send me an email or tweet me @EbaG2. If I get enough feedback I’ll share The 7 Wonderful Ways to Lose Regular and Longtime Customers. Rest assured these ideas will be easy to implement as well and extremely effective.

Remember when you want to increase your Bar’s, Tavern’s, Pub’s or Post’s profits Eba G. is here and always ready to help.