Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Steps to Increase your Bar Profits in 2013

As the New Year hovers in the distance I thought I’d share some tips you might want to consider in 2013 to increase your bar profits. Each tip would be an excellent New Year’s resolution to adopt and work on next year.

Why these seven tips?  Because when you skip all the bull these are the only seven functions that directly contribute to your bars profits. Every profitable local bar,neighborhood tavern, VFW post or American Legion post knows these seven tips and monitors them closely.

To increase your profits in 2013 review the functions I have listed- understand these seven functions and apply these seven functions.  

Evaluate your current bar operation - if you are honest you will clearly see how these seven functions already impact your bottom line. Some are postively affecting your profits while others are negatively affecting them.

Below are the only seven bar functions I know of that generate revenues and make your bar operation money on a consistent basis.  These seven functions are provided as a courtesy by Eba G:

       Bartenders    Hire only good bartenders – get rid of

                              any mediocre ones

       Appearance   Make sure your bar has an appearance    

                               that attracts customers or members

       Atmosphere   Create an atmosphere that 
                                your sales

       Food               Offer only great bar food – you don’t have

                               to offer a large selection but whatever you
                               offer needs to be great – adequate and
                               average food just wont’ do

       Events            Routinely schedule fun events at your

                               bar – get people to come on in

      Advertise        Make sure you are advertising your bar.

                               A Yellow Page ad is not advertising

      Bar $ense       Cultivate a high level of bar $ense. Know

                               your bar, know you clients and know your
                               products; know them inside and out better
                               than anyone else in town. 

Remember don't assume at damn thing. Should you want detailed explanations on any of the above functions no problem.  Just send an email to or post your address in the  comment section and I will personally send you additional information on that function you need clarified.

Remember Eba G. is here to help you increase your profits.

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