Thursday, January 24, 2013

7 Ways Guaranteed To Lose Money With Your Bar Or Tavern

Often times the bar and tavern owners I work with don’t agree with the strategies I share on how to increase their profits. They think the profit making strategies I share too simple so they don’t implement them. So just for fun I thought I would share 7 strategies bar owners and managers may want to use to ensure they lose money. I personally guarantee these strategies will help any bar or tavern lose money.

1) Look Dirty When you and your staff tend bar look dirty. Look like you just left another job and have your clothes look well worn or better yet be the same clothes you wore the day before. Grease and paint stains on your clothing is a must; if don’t’ have stained clothing wear anything that is ripped or has big tears that will work just as well.

2) Bitch, Bitch, Bitch Whenever possible complain. Bitch about any subject you like however the best topics are: spouses, employers, taxes, local law enforcement, the city council or county board and any state or federal politician.

3) Over Serve Customers This is always a crowd pleaser. Make it a practice in your bar to over serve customers. It will be hilarious to hear people mumble incoherently as they sway back and forth in their bar stool. However it’s really exciting to see if they will stumble or fall as they head for the restroom or walk out the door. Seeing you over serve reassures your other customers they can count on you to show them a great time.

4) Tolerate Obnoxious Customers  This is my personal favorite. Allow customers to get in shouting matches. You know where one tells the others to shut the “F” up. If at all possible get a small group (guys or gals it makes no difference) to get on a roll dropping the F bomb every other word. Everyone loves hearing about this F-ng thing and that F-ng and all the F-ng things wrong in the F-ng world and all the F-ng things wrong with F-ng lives. Listening to the F word is always cool.

5) Loud Juke Boxes and TVs  Blaring juke boxes and exceptionally loud TV’s are a must if you want to lose money. There is nothing better than sipping on drinks while watching the two people who insisted you turn up the volume wiggle by the pool table or yell at the TV screen.

6) Garbage and Trash  This is so easy to implement yet so effective if you want to lose money. At all times have garage and other debris clearly visible in the bar. You don’t need a lot it but it has to be noticeable. Good examples are empty beer bottles and cans on game tops and in the restrooms. It also pays to have garbage and trash in the window sills and under the pool table. The best though is when you don’t wipe off the bar counter or tables when customers leave; having those surfaces sticky and tacky is such a pleasant surprise when you sit down. Two other things that are important is: never clean under the bar’s foot rail or the exterior of the building, especially the parking lot. Be consistent with these two areas. Let litter, trash and junk accumulate in these areas so they can be clearly seen at all times. It’s comforting for people to see this. 

7) Repulsive Restrooms A universal favorite. Never scrub out your sinks, wipe down the mirrors or clean the lavatories in the restrooms. If possible make sure a hand dryer is broken and the paper towel dispenser doesn’t work. It’s a plus if either have been out of order for a long time.

Well there you have it, Eba G’s 7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money. I sincerely hope you will be able to put them to use. If you liked them send me an email at or tweet me @EbaG2. If I get enough feedback I will share another great article - 7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Regular Customers. These are 7 strategies easy to implement and very effective to help you also lose profits.

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