Friday, April 12, 2013

Vendors, Suppliers and Purveyors Needed

If you are a vendor, supplier or purveyor of products or services a small bar or tavern owner can use to increase their sales - contact me - as I would like to showcase your products or services on my blog. 

Bar Profits’ is a blog dedicated to assisting bars, taverns, small resorts and family owned supper clubs increase their profits.  It is not intended for major or national bar chains.

Examples of the products or services small bar and local tavern owners need
include - but are not limited to:

Great glassware                   Comfortable bar stools, 

Appliances & equipment      Novelty items,

Promotional items                Souvenirs and Give-a-ways

all items must be suitable for small bars and local taverns.

If you would like to write an article as to what makes a great bar or a good bartender or what good bar food is - let me know and submit a guest post.

If you have had a bad experience in a bar, met a terrible bartender or ate lousy bar food - let me know?  Any articles that can help small bar and local tavern owners learn how to better operate their bars better are desired.

Bar and tavern owners who visit Bar Profits - should have  fun, learn new ideas, see new products and be exposed to different money making services.

There will be no cost to highlight your products or services on Bar Profits; however they must be quality products or services that bar and tavern owners can use and hopefully you'll gain business if the readers like your products.  

If you are interested - check out my blog  or visit my me on LinkedIn at

I look forward to hearing from you.  Send me an email at

Eba G.

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