Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Beer Joke

A major US company held a managers meeting in San Diego.  Managers from around the country flew in to learn the new corporate goals and be briefed on new policies and procedures that were to take effect. After an exhausting day of training a few managers, on their way back to their hotel, passed a small bar and one manager suggested they stop in for a quick drink.

Upon walking into the bar they were greeted by a bartender who noticed they were still wearing their meeting name tags.  The bartender approached the manager from St Louis and asked “Sir, what may I get you”.  “I’d like a bottle of the King of the Beers” he replied.  Aah, Budweiser, fine choice Sir.  Next the bartender looked to the manager from Milwaukee and said “And you Sir, what can I get you?  “I would like a bottle of the Champaign of Bottled Beer” “Miller and excellent choice” the bartender said. 
Next the bartender looked at the manager from Denver and said, “Sir what would be your pleasure?” “I would like a bottle of the only beer in America brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water”.  Coors, my personal favorite” the bartender said.  Finally the bartender turned to the manager from Boston and said “Sir, what can I get for you?”  Do you have Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew?”  Sir I have them both – which would you prefer”.  “Diet Mountain Dew please” was the reply.
When the Bartender turned to gather the order the other three managers turned in amazement toward their colleague from Boston.  Finally one spoke” You’re from Boston crying out loud, why didn’t’ you order a Sam Adams?” “Well he replied, I figured since none of you were drinking beer I didn’t want to be the only one.”

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