Sunday, August 18, 2013

How I Wound Up Working In The Bar and Beverage Industry

Like most kids my parents wanted me to go to college after graduating from High School and be something important.  My mother had this dream I should become a Doctor.  She said it was a noble profession where I could help people and become rich.

So one Saturday morning, on a beautiful spring day my father drove me to this big Medical University about 3 hours away from home where they wanted me to enroll.

A member of the college staff greeted us when we arrived, then he escorted me to a large lecture hall where about 300 other high school seniors who wanted to be admitted to the University were already already seated. 

When the Dean of the Medical College walked in the room you could have heard a pin drop  - everyone became quiet.  The Dean told the staff members in the lecture hall to hand out the test booklets to everyone seated in the room.  When  told we were to open the booklet.  When we finally opened the booklet there was a single piece of paper inside that had five letters printed on it:    P N E S I

Our instructions were to rearrange those five letters to spell "the one part of the human body that is really only useful when it is fully erect".

All of the students who spelt the word SPINE were admitted to the University and as far as I know they all went on to become great Doctors. 

The rest of us who came up with a different part of the human body had to choose another career.  Consequently I wound up going into the bar and beverage industry.''

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